It is no exaggeration to say that Fred is the "Father of MTS Allstream's Environment Program", and more recently, the "MTS Allstream Green Plan". As a driving force since 1989, Fred has been instrumental in ensuring the Company is compliant with environmental law and is recognized as a green/good corporate citizen by customers, employees and the investment community. Fred has been directly responsible for sustainable development initiatives and community projects supporting the environment.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) originally crafted and led by Fred has produced solid returns for MTS Allstream. The environment program allows the Company to be a constituent of ethical/green funds. It enables solid ranking in corporate social responsibility by social investment organizations. It positions the Company to win RFPs which ask for information on our green programs. The Company's long/strong green tradition and communications with business customers allows us to leverage sustainability to market/sell unified communications. The EMS has been highlighted as a key part of MTS Allstream's success.

environmental leadership. The following list only highlights some of his significant achievements.

  • Recognition from CSA as member of Environment Panel.
  • Successful completion of the Canadian Certified Environmental Practitioner certification. At that time, only 78 people in Canada had national accreditation.
  • Key expert on environmental clean up of Chesnaye tower collapse and fuel.
  • Recognition as a valuable contributor to the Manitoba Round Table on Environment and the Economy.
  • Member of Environment Committee responsible for on site recycling planning for Pan American Games.
  • Speaker at USTA Environmental Conference on MTS Allstream.s experience with implementing an EMS.
  • Nominations accepted by provincial government for Sustainable Development Award of Excellence in 1997 and 1998.
  • $300,000 contract signed with IISD based on demonstration of environmental responsibility by the Company.s EMS.
  • Corporate MTS Allstream Chemical minimization program shared with Manitoba Centra Gas. The Program involved the minimization of toxic and chlorinated substance in the workplace.
  • Organized the Omand Creek clean-up and tree plant in participation with community groups such as .friends of the elms. and .Wolsley neighborhood group. to enhance the community.
  • Completed Environmental Audit certification
  • Initiated and implemented the cell phone recycling program in Manitoba with a) all proceeds going to the Mike Komenda Memorial Skate Park and b) a tree being planted for the cell phones refurbished and resold.

When we think of MTS Allstream.s environmental efforts, its success, and the associated recognition and positive brand image, we should be thinking of and thanking Fred Riddle.

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