Geoffrey Badgley is a Senior Manager of Client Services in the Vancouver Office. He provides customer service excellence to external clients and customer support to internal clients. He addresses issues and questions with urgency, comprehension and accuracy, and is diplomatic in his approach to customers. He has made significant contributions in the acquisition and retention of several key accounts such as Westjet, HSBC, Custom House, DHL, Starbucks and Greyhound, to name a few.

One example is his contribution to the RFP issued by HSBC Bank Canada in 2007. As HSBC Bank Canada engages services from all the main telecom suppliers in Canada, client relationship is instrumental in retaining this business. HSBC values Geoff's customer service and has relied on him to respond to concerns, outages and technical expertise. Through a 4-month RFP process that was technically-driven, requiring protocols that were outside of MTS Allstream's processes, Geoff acted as the main liaison with HSBC Bank and managed MTS Allstream resources accordingly. Geoff focused on the client's requirements and need for innovative solutions. HSBC Bank renewed their data network with Allstream and added another 120 locations, resulting in over 7 million dollars in revenue! Geoff's dedication and perseverance played a significant part in winning and retaining this account.

More recently, during an MPLS failure with Custom House, Geoff communicated with his client consistently and informed them of the recovery progress. The client commended Geoff for his "outstanding customer service " and further commented "I was extremely impressed by MTS Allstream's follow-up and resolution. Custom House deals with many ISP and Telco providers on a global basis and this level of service is very refreshing in today's fast pace business environment.  While this outage was concerning . . . Geoff and his associates walked my IT team through a detailed synopsis of the events surrounding the incident.  Geoff was extremely candid in accepting responsibility . . . [and] . . . how the cumulative results impacted the overall situation.  This was a breath of fresh air for my IT team . . . . Custom House and Allstream have enjoyed a successful business relationship over the past number of years and will continue [to] given the level of customer service demonstrated by these individuals."

During the large outage in April, Geoff (with his team of many), worked 23 hours straight, and committed to speaking to every large customer in Western Canada. Without his vast knowledge of the customer base and the network, this would have been a very challenging task. He guided his whole team on how to handle the situation, and though the customers were not pleased with the outage, they were pleased with the quick responses and constant open communication. Geoff sent out nearly hourly updates to the sales forces in Western Canada so that everyone was aware of the current state.

Geoff has been with Allstream for over 25 years. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is an integral part of his day to day activities. He also motivates and challenges his whole team to do the same. Geoff is well regarded in the Company as being dedicated and delivering the highest level of customer service.

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