Gordon started as an apprentice in 1956, and worked in the Central Office environment until 1968. He then joined Plant Staff which started his management career. Gordon was asked to head a project, in 1978, to computerize the operations of Canada’s largest centralized customer line test centre operation in Winnipeg. An overwhelming challenge as it is, Gordon found the people directly involved with the project and the workers that had to adapt to the tremendous change to be exemplary. The project came in 10 days ahead of schedule and a half million dollars under budget.

In 1982, Gordon joined a telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia as Operations Manager. He spent 3 ½ years in Saudi Arabia. When he returned to MTS, he was asked to look at a project to modernize the communication services of the Royal Hong Kong Police. MTS was short listed but the bid came in second. Gord worked in Hong Kong and Toronto for 2 ½ years.

In 1988, Gordon returned to MTS as general manager in the Steinbach area. One of the first situations that came up was when he asked a work process question, he would rarely get a clear answer. He chose a line manager and tasked him specifically to document a simple customer request of “I would like dial tone here, please.” Mapping this request took a lot of discussion and time. But the outcome was worthwhile as the line manager was energized with the new knowledge and the information was shared will all employees.

In 1989, Gordon was selected as vice president Northern Region, MTS. Again, customer request handling was his concern and software was purchased to make mapping easier to work out. A request for dial tome was the first process the group of employees studied. Customer service was improved by eliminating twenty-two steps from the process. Another problem was the labour intensive radio systems serving the north. Fiber optic cable was laid to all major centres in the north, thus retiring the radio systems. For Gordon, this was a major achievement, not only for the customers, but the capacity of the fiber cable opened up major opportunities to streamline the operations side of the business.

Gord realized the strong importance of our phone service in the rural and remote areas, and the important role our local front line operations employees played in serving customers in communities across the province. Gordon says, "I never met an employee who didn't have something special to offer."

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