Mary Anne Piercy is a retired long service employee/manager from Customer Service. She began her career in May 1955. The majority of Mary’s career was spent in the Customer Service area. She was a Business Office Supervisor, moving on to become the Manager Unit 1 (now known as Customer Care). She also served as the Customer Service Ombudsman and Customer Services Manager.

Mary was the model employee and mentor for the ICAE program – Interest, Courtesy, Accuracy, and Efficiency. She developed the training material for this program that trained employees in how to deal with customers. She built confidence in employees who would learn to treat customers respectfully in a monopolistic environment. She also became the Chief Instructor and trained commercial representative and management employees.

Mary was instrumental in administering an initiative between 1988 and 1989, called the “We’re here to help” line, which reinforced the company motto,”With You All The Way”. This service assisted customers with concerns ranging from installation, repair, customer telephone bills, annoyance calls to assistance with the directory. Between June 1988 and January 1989 the office handled over 1500 customer calls with a 98% success rate.

One mainstay of customer service in the telephone service experience over the last 100 years is how we treat our customers. In recognizing the heritage and the important role Customer Care has played in our business, Mary Anne Piercy had been the “voice to the customer” and is recognized within MTS services as a leader in this area, and a strong example of focus on customer service.

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