Rob Kress has had a long career with CNCP, Unitel, AT&T and MTS Allstream. His dedication to customer service has earned him a reputation as a reliable resource for technical issues.

For the Subscriber Radio Replacement project (SR500/SR100 to Intracom), Rob sourced the technology to facilitate the changeover. He was also instrumental in the NTI and implementation of the solution in the Manitoba region. Along the way, technical challenges came up, such as dial up Internet and 4 Wire E & M card functionality. With perseverance, Rob uncovered the facts around the issue, engaged the supplier for solutions, tested the solutions and requested fixes if necessary. To that end, he is the first one to get involved and the last one to let the issue go. He has been an ambassador for Technology Development in working with planners and Network operations on the intricacies of the new technology. He is the guiding hand between the supplier, the technology and the network implementation. In sourcing the Intra Com solution, there were few technologies available and Rob went the extra mile to find something that matched the existing product that could not be maintained.

Most recently Rob was involved with the very quick deployment of the Adtran Radio to meet an immediate customer request. Rob had the system working and tested in less than 3 weeks from the request. His actions led to results and a satisfied customer.

On many occasions Rob has gone to remote radio locations and would climb towers to personally repair equipment by hand when no one else could. For this one project, Rob was the only man for a job to relocate and decommission a radio site and reroute the traffic. He developed the plans from the radio configuration, antennae requirements and waveguide runs to the determination of the traffic needed to be routed and the steps to take in order to keep the service reliable. According to one manager, he metaphorically “planned out how to perform heart surgery on a patient that was running the marathon”. This is a tribute to his experience and attention to detail in a very complex project.

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