Roger Ballance is a widely-respected veteran of more than three decades in the telecommunications industry, including twenty years at the Executive level. He has been a key leader in evolving MTS Allstream into the national player it is today by driving MTS Allstream’s strategic direction and successfully navigating countless marketing, sales, technological and operational changes. Roger’s broad and deep business knowledge is well known and well respected – causing him to be sought out for advice, not only by employees and work teams but also by the other Executive leaders of the organization and throughout the industry.

Roger’s key achievements throughout his career include:

  • Roger contributed as an integral member of the MTS leadership team responsible for the 1996 restructuring of MTS from a Crown Corporation to a private telecommunications company and for preparing for the Initial Public Share Offering.
  • As Vice President – Business Communications, Roger successfully led the MTS Business division through an industry transformation that saw the introduction of terminal competition, private line competition as well as long distance competition. During this transition MTS learned to adapt and thrive ina new dynamic environment as the percentage of its competitive revenue increased dramatically.
  • As President of MTS Mobility, Roger was instrumental in leading a team that introduced the first digital cellular technology in Manitoba and in driving a consumer marketing strategy that saw the introduction of multi-tiered retail outlets including Connect stores in Winnipeg throughout the province.
  • Roger seamlessly directed activities that encompassed hundreds of projects related to the Bell Unwind following the acquisition of MTS Allstream, delivering over $20 Million in annual synergies.

Roger’s leadership capabilities are best demonstrated by the comments of staff, peers and teams:

  • “Simply put Roger is the guy you want to be. He is the most professional leader you could ask for. He is driven to achieve results while ensuring you are learning along the way. Roger possesses the optimal balance of patience and persistence.”
  • “Roger knows how to offer the right encouraging word, he’s always able to give people a push in the right direction when they need it, and he’s always been ready to give people a helping hand.”
  • “He demonstrates integrity at all times and is very respected at MTS Allstream as a role model due in a large part to his tremendous leadership skills.”
  • “He inspires confidence and trust in the people he works with – guiding you through a problem so that you end up feeling like the solution was your idea, and he is a natural coach, developing new leaders through his encouragement and readily sharing his extensive knowledge.”

Roger was often thought of as the Company ambassador. Customers, dealers, vendors, and competitors respected Roger and thought of him as the face of MTS Allstream.

Roger also contributed his leadership skills to support the University of Manitoba's Engineering Endowment Fund Advisory Board, its Smart Park project and its Engineering & Information Technology Building Capital campaign. Roger also has served as a cabinet member for the United Way, was a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, was the Chair of the Facilities Technology Group for the 1999 Pan Am Games and is a former board member of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Roger officially retired from MTS Allstream in June 2006 but he continues to consult on special projects.

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