Roy Sherbo is currently MTS Allstream’s Vice President, Regional Operations.

Roy was instrumental in placing MTS Allstream in the TV/Entertainment marketplace. MTS TV Services evolved from Roy’s responsibilities as head of the Next Generation Services program. Project NextGen was a three-year $300 million capital investment in broadband technology and applications deployment that expanded the breadth and scope of services available to customers. Roy’s contribution as the leader of this initiative helped to significantly enhance the Company’s competitive position and provide important new revenue streams. Using this broadband infrastructure as the backbone, Roy’s innovation led to the development and implementation of another value-added service to our customers - MTS TV. Introduced to the Winnipeg market in 2003, MTS TV represented the largest single deployment of video over DSL in North America. Today, MTS TV stands as the undisputed leader among telecommunications providers in North America in delivering television services over phone lines. This line of business has provided great long term revenue potential and opportunities.

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